Elastics for several uses

Elastici per usi vari

Elastici per Giocattoli

Elastics for toys

Elastici per Abbigliamento

Elastics for clothing

Elastici per Fitness

Elastics for Fitness

Elastici per cartotecnica

Elastics for Packaging

Elastici per Agricoltura

Elastics for agriculture

Elastici per usi tecnici

Elastics for technical uses

A.G.E.A. GOMMA - elastic We create for each type of use

Since 1950 A.G.E.A. GOMMA has been a leader in the production of natural rubber and “latex free” elastics

Our products range satisfy the clothing, the food and the toys industry needs; agriculture, packaging, stationery and fitness requirement are met by our elastics also. We are equipped with a laboratory which helps to facilitate our work process during the continuous updating and products testing. Elastic bands produced, both from natural and synthetic rubber (latex free), for papermaking, packaging and medical. Elastic bands “Rubband” and multi-coloured

rubber elastic tapes in various elastic strengths for fitness purpose. Latex free elastic tape used to manufacture clothing for protection against chemical and biological hazards, and for surgery room. Black and white rubber elastic tape for swimwear, underwear and sportswear. Red/brown rubber elastic tape for agriculture. Rubber elastic threads for technical products. AGEA elastic articles are used wherever a system of elastic fastening is required.

Our company philosophy is distinguished by the attention we put into customer demand and need, the most specific also.